The Method Automation Services Team is made up of top-tier business and technical architects, project managers, UX designers, and developers who understand the power of business process applications and their ability to transform any organization. Below are a few examples of the services we offer:

Custom software development

K2 Installations

K2 Software Sales

Custom software development

Mobile applications

Enterprise collaboration

Systems integration

Cloud services



With MAPWorkfloz by Method Automation, users can access quick views and reporting tools, edit, sort, filter, and group SmartObject data, diagnose and repair the health of a K2 database, use wizard-based process migration tools, and more (Supported Versions K2 FIVE, 4.7 & 4.6.11)

Integrated Service Brokers

Method Automation has extended custom Service Brokers that integrate with many key LOB systems. Fully documented, tested and supported service brokers that reduce and eliminate developer time and empowers your citizen developers.

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